Twice per academic year, Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services hosts weekend programming to support the families of our Collegiate Recovery Community.  The Family weekend takes different forms depending upon needs of families and current trends.  It is common for our Family Weekend Program to include education, a family sharing their journey and “family recovery”,  and some combined programs or groups with their student.  We believe that families benefit from “quality time” in recovery.

Our programming emphasizes families learning to be a family again as well as developing an understanding and appreciation for the recovery process from a systemic perspective. A breakfast or lunch is provided, and if it is a football weekend, a “watch” party or recovery tailgate on the quad are part of the program later in the day.  Our licensed marriage and family therapist coordinates these great events.  Opportunities for family consultation and counseling are available.  Celebrating life in recovery as a family is our goal!  Family Weekend programming is by invitation only to members of our Collegiate Recovery Community.