The Collegiate Recovery Community (CRC) at the University of Alabama is a student support service rooted in the tradition of student life and development.  The CRC guided by our mission of “enhancing student lives through transformational experiences that emphasize recovery, unity and development” is home to students in early to long-term recovery, those contemplating recovery, and recovery allies.  The CRC serves as a home for its members.  Our dedicated space affords students in recovery access to a private computer lab, study-group project room, a meditation-reflection room, and our great room gathering space on a twenty-four hour basis  The smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sounds of conversation, as well as hearty laughter during movies TV watching and cheering during Bama football watch parties, fill the air.  The CRC is a home away from home based upon the principles of twelve step recovery.  The CRC is first and foremost a community, filled with students pursuing recovery.

A Day in the Collegiate Recovery Community

Life in the CRC begins every morning as students and staff informally gather for a reading from the daily reflection “just for today” literature.  A typical day may include some academic advisement, early course registration assistance, a topical seminar, group adventures, or simply supportive conversation.  If its a Fall weekend in Alabama you’ll find the CRC celebrating at our recovery tailgate, located in the shadow of Denny Chimes with yellow balloons flying above the tent.   You may also find CRC members out in the Tuscaloosa or campus community participating in community service work.  CRC members are provided with a weekly family luncheon, monthly family dinner, and outing, as well as twelve-step support groups in the conference meeting room throughout the week.  Additional support services such as family counseling, family weekend programs,  and individual counseling are available at no cost to CRC members.  Participating in regional and national recovery based conferences such as the Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) are opportunities students may select.  CRC members who meet QPA and recovery requirements have the opportunity to apply for scholarships at the end of each semester.  The CRC provides a place of academic and personal support, safety, and inspiration to engage in recovery twenty-four hours a day, one day at a time.

Please see the Recovery Community Adventures photo gallery for a glimpse of life in our collegiate recovery home.

Collegiate Recovery Community Membership

Registered Alabama students are eligible for membership in the CRC if they meet the following criteria*:

  • 12 Months of Abstinence from Alcohol and other drugs
  • Staff Interview
  • Active commitment to a twelve-step recovery program
  • Commitment to a recovery based lifestyle
  • Participation in community activities such as seminar, recovery night, service, academic advisement

Students who do not meet the above membership requirements are still very welcome to become provisional members of the CRC community.  Students who have an active interest in pursuing recovery become members of our recovery development program called “FORGE”.  Staff works closely with students in the FORGE program to help them explore recovery and develop the relationships and skills to become members entitled to all CRC benefits.  If you are interested in exploring recovery we are interested in you!

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