Please use this fillable form to request an appointment to become a member of our Collegiate Recovery Community. All other questions or assistance outside of membership should be directed to our “contact us” link on this website.

Registered Alabama students are eligible for membership in the CRC if they meet the following criteria*:

  • 12 Months of Abstinence from Alcohol and other drugs
  • Staff Interview
  • Active commitment to a twelve-step recovery program
  • Commitment to a recovery based lifestyle
  • Participation in community activities such as seminar, recovery night, service, academic advisement

Students who do not meet the above membership requirements are still very welcome to become provisional members of the CRC community.  Students who have an active interest in pursuing recovery become members of our recovery development program called “FORGE”.  Staff work closely with students in the FORGE program to help them explore recovery and develop the relationships and skills to become members entitled to all CRC benefits.  If you are interested in exploring recovery we are interested in you!

If you are interested in any other information or need assistance please reach out to the general department contact information under contact us.

Interest Form