It is widely known that addiction impacts the entire family.  Often referred to as a family disease, the process of recovery for the family is not a simple process.  When one or more members of a family system stop using and find recovery from a substance use disorder, the entire existing family system is disrupted.  This disruption ultimately is a good thing but can be challenging as well.  Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services Family Therapist, Kelly Miller, shares her thoughts on how families may pursue their new normal as a family in recovery.  Each month Kelly shares strategies to remain grounded and focused on recovery intertwined with personal anecdotes that result in inspiration for all.  You may correspond with the author at


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This month Kelly is taking a break and it only seemed fitting that “Dr. Love” should be the February guest writer. February is typically represented by the symbols of cupid, hearts and Saint Valentine. It’s interesting that what we will celebrate this week stems from both Greek/Roman mythology (Eros and Cupid) and the martyrdom (beheading) of Saint Valentine from 269 AD. Today the greeting card industry, chocolate makers, florists, and the restaurant industry are counting on all of us to spend some money as we attempt to express our romantic love to others.

That fancy Valentine’s Day dinner table is set with red napkins, chocolates, filet mignon and lobster. While the visual of this meal is appealing, I’ve never been able to look at or think about a lobster ever since I heard Rabbi Abraham Twerski, MD, founder of Gateway Rehabilitation Center, discuss the molting process a lobster goes through in relation to recovery….

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