It is widely known that addiction impacts the entire family.  Often referred to as a family disease, the process of recovery for the family is not a simple process.  When one or more members of a family system stop using and find recovery from a substance use disorder, the entire existing family system is disrupted.  This disruption ultimately is a good thing but can be challenging as well.  Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services Family Therapist, Kelly Miller, shares her thoughts on how families may pursue their new normal as a family in recovery.  Each month Kelly shares strategies to remain grounded and focused on recovery intertwined with personal anecdotes that result in inspiration for all.  You may correspond with the author at


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Happy Fall!
It is so nice to feel the weather finally cooling off.  We are getting ready for our first home football game this weekend.  We will be back to having the sober tailgates on the quad and if any of you are in town, we would love for you to stop by and see us.  Look for the yellow balloons.  I also wanted to take a minute to mention our Homecoming Weekend (October 22 – 23) which will include some fun events for alumni and families.  More information to follow but we hope to see many of you there.

I’ve been thinking about the disease of addiction a lot lately and thought it may be a good time to write about it again.  There seems to still be so many people who do not understand it or fully accept it as a disease.  The AMA first recognized alcoholism as a disease in 1956 and addiction in 1987.  Even almost 70 years later, there are still so many who think it is a moral failing.  I hope all of you on this mailing list have been able to participate in some education or programming that has helped you understand this, but just in case, I will link a few resources below.  The thing I find more often in this field is that people understand intellectually that it is a disease but not emotionally…

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