It is widely known that addiction impacts the entire family.  Often referred to as a family disease, the process of recovery for the family is not a simple process.  When one or more members of a family system stop using and find recovery from a substance use disorder, the entire existing family system is disrupted.  This disruption ultimately is a good thing but can be challenging as well.  Collegiate Recovery and Intervention Services Family Therapist, Kelly Miller, shares her thoughts on how families may pursue their new normal as a family in recovery.  Each month Kelly shares strategies to remain grounded and focused on recovery intertwined with personal anecdotes that result in inspiration for all.  You may correspond with the author at


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Happy 2022!
I had planned to write this a few weeks ago while it was still January, but time got away from me.  I did not want to send another “New Year’s Resolution” themed letter since I am sure we have all seen plenty of those, so finding a good topic to start the year off with was the challenge.  In 2019 I wrote about resolutions.  In 2020, I wrote about not having a resolution and instead giving your self-grace and patience because we were in the middle of a pandemic.  In 2021 I just didn’t write one (until March).  I think that pattern is probably one we can all relate to – we started off this pandemic strong and committed to self-care, then we moved into the phase of trying to be patient, and then finally to just surviving.  Now, even though we are not completely through this pandemic, I think we have moved into a new phase.  Many of us thrive in chaos and rise to the challenge, but what happens with that chaos or trauma lasts for two years?…

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